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“I was completely delighted with the work that Nicole did for me. She copied an old. much loved winter coat beautifully and swiftly. She sourced the only purple alpaca in the country for me, and delivered the finished coat two weeks ahead of my business trip deadline. I am now seriously considering asking her to make another. Highly recommended”
-Carole Blake,
Literary Agent
“Nicole has been my seamstress for over 5 years. She has altered everything for me from sports wear to brides maid dresses. Her eye for detail has always added a little something. ”
- Rebecca C
"Nicole did a fabulous job revamping a well loved and well worn leather jacket. Looks amazing - new lining looks even better than the original lining. I now a few more years of wear!"     
                                     - Deborah Watt                   
"I contacted Nicole to have my wedding dress hem taken up at short notice so that I could wear it again for our second celebration with different lower heels. Nicole was lovely to work with a did a fantastic job taking up my silk skirt.
I was able to dance freely without fear of tripping over in the lower heels.
She even steamed the creases our of the skirt and tidied up the loose threads on my bodice so that it was just as lovely as the first time I wore it."
                                     -Audrey Legrand
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